The Picky Eater

Hi!  My name is Kristin and I'm an extremely picky eater.  I'm currently in recovery...and doing very well.

I've been told that when I was very young I was not picky...I'm not sure what happened, but as I grew I became outrageous with my views of eating food. I attribute this to many little factors, which all bound together, created a monster. A monster I still battle today. I'm slowly defeating the giant, but it's a never-ending battle.

Just a little insight into the degree of pickiness that we're dealing with here: I used to wipe off my fork whenever I would switch to a different food on my plate.  I would soak up juices with a napkin so that nothing would mix on my plate.  My hamburgers could only have pickles and tomatoes on it.  My meat had to be cooked to the point of charring, I wouldn't tolerate any pink inside.  I would never ever ever try anything new.

To make matters worse, I was never very good at cooking.  My mother was an excellent cook and was always whipping up something delicious in the kitchen.  How could I compete with that?  I couldn't...so I didn't even try. 

I didn't try until at 25, I moved across North America and was forced to fend for myself.  I found myself thousands of miles from Texas in the Alaskan wilderness with nothing to eat.  Plus...I had a new boyfriend I was desperately trying to feed.  I began cooking the staples I knew I could perfect, but one can only eat chili, spaghetti, and fried chicken so many times before you go mad.  So...I stepped out of my culinary box and began a search for easy recipes to show Erin I didn't suck at life.  Those few simple recipes turned into a never-ending search for good food.  I spend hours hunting for great recipes and new foods to try.

In the past year I've discovered that: I love avocados and asparagus. I don't care for black olives. Tofu isn't really all that bad, though sort of weird feeling in my mouth.  Gyros are delicious.  I can get a bite of salmon down the hatch without puking.  Sushi isn't so scary.  And that I love to cook.

I think Erin appreciates that I'm becoming less of a food freak and more of a food adventurer.  I know my mom is glad to see me leave behind my pickiness.  It feels good every time I find a new food I enjoy...I don't know how I went 25 plus years without some of them! 

I hope you enjoy reading about my food fiascos and check in to see what recipes I've been dishing up.
I'm sharing all the great and not so great recipes and such that I'm finding along my journey.