A Guide to My Ramblings

a side of love... - those little things that make a meal complete

breakfast in bed... - for the days that I actually whip up something tasty in the morning

cheers... - drinks to wet your whistle

dessert first... - because dessert should definitely come first

dinner for two... - not necessarily for two but a meal to punch your ticket no matter how many you're feeding

food fiasco... - I picked a great recipe. I tried to make it. I failed.

lunchbox...- not quite a dinner for two

operation replicate... - trying to find a way to bring those restaurant favorites home

puppy love... - for the snaggle toothed, bossy, stinky breath, brindle, butt wagging love of my life

tidbits... - fabulous nothings to make your day

tried & true... - for those lazy days when I just don't want to cook and to share the joy of knowing that a recipe has been tried and is truely good

want to cook, book... - to share all those fabulous recipes I find